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How To Win A Credit Card Lawsuit

If you are being sued by any of the above companies and/or hired attorney even if not listed and they are a Collection Agency there is good news for you. The above companies are known as Junk Debt Buyers who are easy to beat in court.

As you look over to the right I have proof of all my Dismissals when I fought back these Collection Agencies and I also fought back Capital One and won that as well.

If you are here right now you obviously know the importance of answering your credit card lawsuit to avoid getting a default judgment against you.


I went over my Complaint Carefully and checked for any errors

  • I checked to see if it was the original creditor filing the complaint
  • I made sure I  received a copy of Assignment from the Collection Agency which proves they have a Legal Standing to sue me
  • I made sure that a contract must be attached in my state it is required
  • I received an affidavit from a Collection Agency which was hearsay. Collection Agency stated that they saw all these wrong doings. An affidavit coming from the original creditor is probably 100% just and true. BUT not coming from a Collection Agency not in my case.

    After reading the Affidavit I was able to file a Motion to Strike The Affidavit of Debt.  The Plaintiff Lacks Standing.


    • The Affidavit of debt  I received contained false information supplied by the employee who works for the Collection Agency.

    • I believed the Affidavit contains false information or was signed by someone who could not have witnessed such actions get to work and get it Stricken from the record this can blow their entire Standing to sue .


  1. I Answered my Complaint with admitting or denying each allegation
  2. I Filed a Motion to Dismiss instead of Answering because my Court Allows one in lieu of an answer.
  3. I Checked my state's statute of limitations to see if I could file a Motion to Dismiss on those grounds. 
  4. I Always checked my local court rules to see if a memorandum or affidavit is required with any Motions to the court. This is vital.


When I filed my Answer I considered filing a notice to appear which in my state was not mandatory.

Let's the court and the Plaintiff know that you intend to defend your lawsuit

Being sued by a Collection Agency is one of the easiest wins in court. 99% do not have the documentation to back up their lawsuit in a court of law.  Even Capital One the original creditor DID have the Credit Card Statements BUT did not have the contract.

There are so many things they do wrong when filing lawsuits. 

Remember this is a daily thing for them so they just copy one after the other, they use Affidavits that are hearsay, they don't have contracts, credit card statements they have nothing to back up their lawsuit. They just continue copying one Summons and Complaint after the other filling in different numbers.  They attach false affidavits and have nothing to win against you.

Their intentions are suing you, you not answering, and them winning a judgment against you to go after your assets, paycheck, freeze your bank account. That is all they want.  OR they want you to call them and settle. Once you pick up that phone and talk to them you basically are admitting that the debt is yours and just ruined your entire case!

So now you know most don't have any documents to back their case up in a Court of Law so why not answer that Summons?

A computer generated paper listing your name, address, account number wasn't  PROOF enough to win in court.

An affidavit signed by an employee was hearsay in my case

A generic Bill of Sale that states they bought accounts off of the Bank was not enough to stand up in Court. 


Their Plan Summed Up:


  1. The Original Creditor, is the bank that you first opened your card with, and stopped paying.
  2. After 120 days of non-payment most of these banks simply write your account off, throw your paper into a huge pile with thousands of other defaulted accounts, those accounts are then put into a Debt Portfolio to be sold off to Collection Agencies.
  3. If you owed $2,500.000 to a bank chances are they bought that off the Bank for $10.00.  So if they sue you and win because you don't answer your Summons they make $2,490.00 PLUS court costs. This is how they get so RICH.
  4. The bank does not give the Agency that bought your account your Credit Card Statements. They get a computer generated list with your name, account number, and address.
  5. The Collection Agency then takes all the accounts they bought for pennies on the dollar off of the bank and start hiring out different Lawyers in all of the States and start SUING people. 
  6. Their intentions are to go after people like us who they assume won't care and won't answer their Summons for an easy win.
  7. They figure you won't answer your summons, you can't pay your credit card bill so you won't hire a lawyer. EASY WIN for them. And you think once you get Sued by them is a headache? WAIT until they get that default judgment.
  8. With a Winning Judgment in hand they begin to legally go after everything they can get their slimy hands on.
  9. They will Legally Freeze any Bank Accounts you own, they will come after your paycheck, they will put liens on your Assets. And some after 10 years will renew that judgment and just keep going until they get all their money. It is scary the power they have with a Judgment.
  10. They don't want you to know that they do not have any documents to back their case up in court. By suing you, they assume you are stupid and won't answer your summons, and cannot afford an attorney.

Now what you don't know is that the Credit Card Complaint you hold in your hand right now most likely can already be dismissed without going to court! They screw up their Complaints right off the bat.

I have been in your shoes and I have won and made a Package to help more people win against companies like these by seeing my Answer to my Summons, My Discovery Answers and the Discovery I sent off to them. My motions to dismiss etc.,


Here is what you will get with My Document Package:

1. Answer Your Summons. See exactly how I answered mine and WON

2. See all of my Affirmative Defenses.


3. Discovery: See my Answers and Objections used in a Court of Law Against Collection Agencies and Won!

See all my answers and objections


My Responses to Interrogatories used in my Credit Card Lawsuit that was WON Responses to Interrogatories include: bank account information, social security number, identify any payments made to original creditor, identify any payments made to Plaintiff, last check number written out to plaintiff or original creditor, payments made to account number xxxxxx, asking you if the amount sue upon is correct, settlements made to account, witnesses to be called to trial, factual basis of each defense, exhibits used at trial.

I found your package when my Discovery phase started, I sent off your answers, and they never responded back! Case Dismissed!  -Y. Carter

My Responses to Admissions used in my Credit Card Lawsuit that was WON to Junk Debt Buyers/Collection Agencies Admissions include: please admit you applied to the original creditor for so and so credit card, admit you made charges on the credit card, admit you agreed to the terms and conditions when you used the card, admit you are indebted to the Plaintiff for $xxxxx.xx, admit you made payments, admit you owe the balance, admit this is the correct balance.

Case Dismissed Voluntary Dismissal: I just wanted to say thanks for your great package. This Package is priceless information. I was being sued by a collection agency, they sent me a request for admissions I used the info in the  Package to respond to the request. A short time later, the plaintiff filed a voluntary non-suit – they dropped their case. HA HA, I love it! Thanks again! Mike L.

My Responses For Production of Documents used in my Credit Card Lawsuit that was WON.  Answer to Requests for Documents include: providing copies of all payments, copies of settlement letters, exhibits or evidence you plan on using, credit card statements…You will receive all of my Discovery, in tact.

  I am glad I found this website it is very informative and this package helped me so much. My case was dismissed before it even went to trial. Your Request for Production of Documents saved my a**. About 23 days after sending my Discovery they dismissed the case. Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars. ($5500.00 Lawsuit)  Cheryl, Illinois


4. Discovery that I the Defendant, sent off to the Collection Attorney suing me and won my case using these.

See my Instructions and Definitions, Claims of Privilege, Lost Documents to start off which was required to do along with my Discovery.




More paperwork for them the more they'll go away. The Attorney I used these on went away after I sent them this!


5. The Motion to Dismiss I used to win my cases

Case Dismissed : I just had my case dismissed. I had to go a few steps beyond the initial motion to dismiss, but the package helped immensely. I actually enjoyed making the attorney have to do some work. Jon B.K.

Case Dismissed Saving $17,535 This Package saved me $17,535!! My case was dismissed today. I had no idea what I was doing until I bought this package and I followed it every step of the way and WON. Thanks for taking the time to make this package for people like me. Margaret


6. See my Motion to Strike the Plaintiff's Affidavit of Debt I used in my Lawsuit and it was Granted. POWERFUL WEAPON!


Motion to Strike Affidavit Testimonial: Who would have thought that by spending so little by purchasing your Package would end up saving me $12,000 in the lawsuit that was filed against me for an old Citibank credit card I defaulted on? Best money I have ever spent! Lawsuit was dropped after I answered! Thank you… Kris






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MY Answers to Interrogatories, Request to Admit Facts, Request for Documents

MY Discovery Sent off to Plaintiff which Consists of 21 Request for Documents, 21 Request to Admit Facts, 23 Interrogatories and of course the Instructions and Definitions, Claims of Privilege, and Lost or Destroyed Documents. Exact Discovery used in a Credit Card Collection Lawsuit and Won!






Thank you so very much for your information and help. I just purchased your package. I have never been involved with the courts and had no idea where to start. It seems some people still like to take advantage of others in a distressed state. I am so thankful I found your site. I asked for guided assistance and have now found what I need. This has lifted my spirit for you have empowered me with your guided help. I thank you deeply from the heart. Aj from Indiana (Power to the People!)

Do you all have a Donation button on your website? I cannot believe that I had to pay so little for these Documents! I just won my lawsuit which was over $30,000.00!! Can you believe this? I would love to donate more money to your cause to help others beat their lawsuits what your asking is nothing compared to what you guys saved me. I finally am stress free and I just cannot get over this thank you for helping me and my family save all this money. We need more people like you in this world!. Please email me your donation link!!! – Brian T.

I purchased your package several weeks ago. I am currently disabled and I haven’t worked for 2 years. I defaulted on a credit card and it was sold to a junk debt buyer. I answered the summons using your examples and on 8/21 my court case was called and the attorney for the junk debt buyer asked me if I wanted to set up a payment plan or a settlement. I answered no. He replied that if I my case went to trial there would be no deals or settlement available. I was waiting for my case to be called in court when the attorney said that he wanted to talk to me outside the courtroom. I was expecting another settlement offer but to my surprise he handed me a dismissal order signed by the court. I didn’t even have to see the judge. Thanks for a wonderful product. I know that it was the answer and the motion to strike affidavit that was the reason the attorney decided to give up. Thanks! – Michael

Thank you for making this Package for people like me who have no idea what they are doing! You guys made this easy on myself and my wife during our lawsuit. Many Thanks,  Tim & Lisa.


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